You know how some people say, “I could listen to so&so even if they read from the back of a cereal box”? You’re the writing-reading version of that for me. I will read ANYTHING you write because I love the way your write! The flow of your thoughts and words.. it’s so warm to read. I, for one, am excited for August!

Plus, I feel like you’ve just written what’s been going on in my mind as though you could actually read them. I’m going to take inspiration from you and try to go out more!

Thank you for this!! So relatable even if our experiences are not the same

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This Monday I’ve been opening tabs of bookstores I want to visit in the evening after work. Once I’m home I’m home and it’s difficult to change that, so I’m trying to find the motivation to leave and walk around places I haven’t been before. And since I only use public transportation it’s an excuse to get on new bus lines.

I relate to all of this month’s newsletter. It definitely helps to be out and walking. Once I’m out I’m also not letting all the anxious thoughts get to me. Even when I make mistakes or act a bit silly or have a bad encounter it’s all about being a part of the rhythm of the city.

Here’s to walking! (And taking long bus rides.)

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